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outdoor low voltage


A Lighting Solution Company


Low voltage landscape accent lighting creates a unique look and elevates your exterior space.  Our low voltage landscape accent lighting gives your outdoor space a whole new look and feel with dramatic effect once the sun goes down.  Lighting can create breathtaking ambiance for your home and even create a unique and satisfying experience for your office.

Low voltage lighting not only enhances your landscaping with dramatic colors, lights, and shadows, landscape lighting can light up paths, trails, driveways, and other pedestrian areas and walkways leading from your building to exterior parking areas.

If you want to dramatically enhance your outdoor space and light walkways in a way that creates a safe space and unique experience, call Compower Corp to discuss your options.

Low Voltage lighting is used for:

  • Architectural signs

  • Patio and Accent Lighting

  • Walkways and pedestrian paths

Low Voltage lighting is also used in commercial spaces with low-light requirements such as movie houses, and live theater venues. 

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