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UV Light


Employee Safety is a Priority


With states rolling back COVID restrictions, more people are going to be heading back into the office.  Even though vaccination rates are rising, the risk from COVID is still out there.  As businesses deal with the new reality of worrying about keeping employees safe.

UV-C lighting is not new technology, but it is getting a resurgence in demand since UV-C is known to have powerful germicidal properties.

Differences in Ultra-Violet Light


UV radiation is classified into 3 primary types called Ultraviolet A (UV-A), Ultraviolet B (UV-B), and Ultraviolet C (UV-C).   The difference between the three is the length of the wavelengths.  Most of the UV that we get from the sun is UV-A since most UV-B and all UV-C are absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere.

The main benefit from UV Radiation, mostly UV-B is the production of Vitamin D, which is essential to your health.  It doesn't take very long to gain this benefit as the World Health Organization recommends 5 to 15 minutes of exposure 2 or 3 times a week.

The risks of UV light include sunburn and damage to unprotected eyes.  Overexposure can lead to serious health issues such as skin cancer.

It is a good thing that UV-C is filtered out by our atmosphere since exposure to UV-C is hazardous to the skin and eyes of people and animals.

UV-C is an Excellent Way to Destroy Viruses

UV-C has been used to disinfect drinking water, wastewater, air, pharmaceutical products, and surfaces against a variety of pathogens.  As a matter of fact, UV-C has been found to be effective against every virus, including the Novel Coronavirus responsible for COVID, and bacteria that it has ever been tested against.

Compower Corp Provides UV-C Lighting for your Business

We have UV-C lights that ranging from installed fixtures for any size room to portable devices that can be moved around as needed.  These lights are set on a timer so they are only on when you know there will be no on in the office.  There are also sensors that will shut the lights off if a person enters a room so there is no risk to your employees.

Portable units take longer to disinfect an area, but they are a cost-effective and efficient way to keep smaller offices safe if you are on a tight budget.

If you have questions about UV-C Lighting, call Compower Corp at 516-847-1875 or email us at

UV-C Lighting is Great for the Medical and Hospitality Industries

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