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High Mast Lighting


Lighting Solutions for Stadiums, Arenas, Sports Complexes


High Mast Lighting used in sports arenas and stadiums is a specialty product that must light a vast area in a way that recreates the look of daylight without interfering with the players, teams, and athletes on the field.  While bright, stadium lighting also has to be designed in a way that the glare doesn't get in the way of the spectator's enjoyment

We have worked with Semi-professional sports leagues and College and University sports programs to provide outdoor high-mast lighting for a wide variety of sports in different types of buildings and facilities.

We have designed systems and provided Outdoor High-Mast LED Lighting for Semi-Pro and College:

  • Baseball Stadiums

  • Football Stadiums

  • Multi-Use Arenas

  • Soccer Fields

We have also provided High-Mast LED Lighting for indoor arenas such as:

  • Tennis Courts

  • Driving Ranges

  • Winter Sports Complexes

We work with the leaders in he High-Mast LED Lighting field and we can design and implement lighting systems for your semi-professional and University sports facilities, stadiums, and arenas.  Contact Compower Corp for more information.

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