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Compower Corp

State-of-the-art LED Lighting

Compower Corp is a manufacturer distributor of state-of-the-art LED lighting. We design, test, and install LED lighting for existing facilities and LED lighting for newly constructed commercial buildings.

Compower Corp has contracts with multiple LED manufacturers, has many proprietary products, and we are experts at choosing the proper LED lighting to replace traditional lighting.


Compower Corp will custom design a lighting plan and tailor it to our client's specific needs. We give our customers a pro forma comparison of their present lighting bills and their expected savings with our LED lighting. Customers can compare their estimated savings with their existing monthly bills.


Compower Corp is a turnkey operation and will help our clients achieve their energy-saving goals. We will help our clients with everything from receiving the latest government and local rebates and supply information regarding LEED certification and tax incentives.  We will help provide you with an affordable plan for your workplace as employees return to your facility and help provide a safe environment for your clients. Compower Corp will help give you a leg up on the competition.

Recent Projects

Image by Andre Benz
"If you are looking for quality and hassle-free professional company, Compower is your choice. I have been using this company for over 10 years in two separate hotels, and they are truly the best at what they do. They are using only the highest quality lighting and the best electricians.   Compower always stands behind their work. All projects are done on time  and according to schedule."


Konstantin Aronov

General Manager - Hilton Garden Inn Melville, New York

We Work With the Big Names in
LED Lighting

As a Manufacturer Distributor with Cree, Phillips, Sylvania, Lighting Science, and others we have design control as well as having a great many custom proprietary products.  These relationships enable us to custom design your lighting plan.

LED Lighting is more efficient than traditional lighting and usually reduces lighting-related energy costs by 50% to 70%. Our LED fixtures and lamps have a life of 50,000 to 70,000 hours, additionally saving the time and expense of frequent replacement. Our LED luminaires are solid-state and are shock-resistant.

LED lighting generates less heat than conventional lighting, saving on air conditioning costs, has no Mercury or Lead, and is considered a "Green Product."

Our COVID-19 Services

Compower Corp. can offer Existing UV Lighting and Air Purification technology to Help our Clients and their employees get back to work in a safe environment while practicing existing governmental guidelines at the workplace.


Our goal is to pick a multifactorial system that can effectively control the spread of Pathogens so clients and employees feel safe in the work environment.


Compower Corp will custom design a plan and tailor it to its client’s specific needs. We will do an onsite analysis and look at your facility’s workspace and plans to develop a detailed Sterilization plan and incorporate the best solution to control pathogens in your workspace.


We have stationary as well as portable UV solutions and Air Purification devices to best Disinfect and Sterilize your facility while they are safely controlled and monitored.


We are partnered with Summit Safety and BLUZAP UV Disinfection Company to provide another layer for your workplace’s surface disinfection.

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